Leasing vs Financing a New Car near St. Louis

lease vs buy near st. louis

Deciding whether you want to lease or buy a car is one of the most important decisions when picking out your new Subaru. Choosing the right purchasing option is just as important as finding the right vehicle. Don't worry though our great team of sales consultants and finance team at Lou Fusz Subaru - St. Louis are here to help. Below you will find some important factors to consider when deciding if leasing or financing is better for you. There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding which option better suits your needs and lifestyle such as annual mileage, upkeep cost, and many other important details. Once you decide the best purchasing option for you then get pre-approved online before you even visit our dealership to make your experience to lease or buy fast and easy. Don't hesitate to reach out to our team if you have any questions, just give us a call at 314-993-5200.

Pros and Cons of Leasing

Pros of Leasing a New Subaru near St. Louis

Are you always wanting the newest and latest technology features every couple of years? Then lease a new Subaru from Lou Fusz Subaru - St. Louis. Some of the benefits of leasing a vehicle instead buying are:

  • Lower monthly payments
  • At the end of the lease, you can finance the remaining value, roll the equity into a new lease, or walk away from leasing
  • Low or zero down payment
  • Car is always covered by manufacturer warrarnty
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Cons of Leasing a New Subaru in St. Louis

There are major advantages to leasing instead of buying a new car, but there are also some big things to consider when you are trying to determine if leasing is the best option for your lifestyle:

  • Payments continue as long as you keep leasing
  • No modifications or altering the vehicle permanently
  • Early termination fees if you end lease early
  • Must maintain vehicle in good condition to avoid possible penalties

Pros and Cons of Financing

Pros of Buying a New Subaru near St. Louis

If being able to own your own car eventually with no payments is your goal than financing your new Subaru may be the best payment option. There are some key benefits to consider when deciding if buying a car is the best decision for you:

  • No limits on mileage
  • You can sell the car at any time
  • You can make permanent modifications whenever you please
  • You will have no car payments at the end of your finance term
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Cons of Buying a New Subaru in St. Louis

Commiting to financing a loan is big commitment and there are some disadvantages to consider when deciding if financing or leasing is the best choice for you and your family:

  • Car will eventually be out of warranty
  • Cars depreciate in value when you drive it off the lot
  • Depending on your finance terms, it can take 5-7 years to complete payments
  • Larger downpayments may be required
lease vs buy near st. louis

As you can see there are tons of factors to consider when you are deciding which payment option is the best for you. Your lifestyle, budget, and many other key factors can play a significant role when it comes to deciding if you should lease or buy a new car, Hopefully, after reviewing the content above you have been able to narrow down which option is the best for you. Have you decided if leasing or buying is better for you? If so, great! Check out our inventory of new Subaru's at Lou Fusz Subaru - St. Louis and submit an application to get pre-approved. If you are still trying to decide, that's great too! Just give us a call at 314-993-5200 and one of our Sales Consultants will be happy to assist you in figuring out which option will be best for you and your family. Finding your next Subaru is only a click away!